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Faculties of the Institution

The institution contains the following faculties

Faculty of Aalimiyat:

It is the main and central section of Darul-Uloom Shahi. By the grace of Almighty Allah, since the first day of the foundation of the institution (1296 A.H.), it has rendered valuable services in the field of Islamic education. õ Well-versed and highly-qualified teachers are imparting education of Islamic teachings, laws and doctrines to those, thirsty for Islamic knowledge. This section provides very high-standard education of "Aalimiyat" from the primary education to the final year.

Faculty of Aalimiyat:

Persian literature has a grand history and hides a precious treasure of Islamic knowledge in itself. Therefore, expert and experienced teachers have been employed to preserve it by teaching Persian language as well as literature.

Faculty of Tajveed and Qiraa't

It's a distinctive section of the institution. Highly competent Qaries (i.e. specialists of Quranic phonology) are serving in this department, and the students herein are taught the complete course of Saba'h and A'shrah (i.e. the seven/ ten ways of recitation of the Quran)

Faculty of Hifz (i.e. Memorization of the Holy Quran):

A number of talented teachers are rendering valuable crevices herein. It has a branch at Darul-Talabah, Lal Bagh too.

Faculty of Ifta (Islamic jurisprudence course):

Highly meritorious students who get their course of study completed, have the opportunity to get admission in this prestigious section and receive the best education and training for writing Fatwas (i.e. judgments according to the Islamic laws).

Tadreeb Fil-Ifta (i.e. specialization in Islamic jurisprudence)

This department provides the students with special education and training for writing Fatwas.

Takmeel-e-Adab (Arabic literature):

In this faculty, the students are give education of Arabic literature.

Takhassus Fil-Adab (i.e. specialization in Arabic literature):

This faculty pays special care and attention to the students and provides special education on Arabic literature.

Faculty of Calligraphy:

Herein, the students, desirous to gain beautiful handwriting, are taught the art of calligraphy by competent calligraphists.

Primary Section:

In this section, there is arrangement for basic education for local children up to class V. Here, the children get education of basic Islamic theology as well as learn how to recite the Holy Quran, according to the approved syllabus.

Hifzur-Rahman School:

This school is situated at Lal Bagh within the same campus as the hostel of the students, as a branch of the institution. It is working on the pattern of the "Primary Section".


Books are an invaluable treasure for an educational institution. By the grace of Almighty Allah, the library of this institution contains 25000 books on various subjects. Mess: Deserving students get two meals a day from the mess of the institution, free of cost.

Department of Publicity & Publications :

This department makes arrangements for introducing the institution and publicizing its various activities. Hence, it publishes pamphlets, posters and reports and highlights its social as well as educational activities with their detailed proceedings at different times through the year. Also, an informative, religious and society-reforming monthly magazine, entitled as "Nida-e- Shahi" is being issued regularly for the last several years. It caters to the need of those living in India as well as abroad and satisfies those in dire need of religious knowledge.

Office of Educational Affairs:

This department takes care of the students' requirements and maneges their educational affairs. It works on the instructions of the manager.

Office of The Manager:

It controls the whole institution õ all the faculties, sections and branches work under its supervision and instructions.

Department of Trusts:

Its duty is to look after all the properties of the institution. It collects rents and starts legal proceedings against the defaulting tenants.

Department of Extra-curricular Activities:

Besides the educational affairs, there are also other miscellaneous matters related to the Telephone and Hydel departments, Railways, Supply Office and Municipality etc. All such matters are entrusted to this department.

Department of Organization And Development:

This department is meant to maintain relations with the patrons of the institution. It also bears the responsibility to send Safeers (i.e. employees to raise funds) to collect funds for the institution on behalf of its administration, in their respective circles; and has to manage their programmes of tour.

Department of Composition and Compilation:

This department is responsible for preparing books on special subjects for the benefit of the educated individuals of the Muslim community.

Department of Preaching and propagation:

This department carries out the duty of conveying the message of the holy Quran. It tries to disseminate the good deeds that the Muslim community should adopt, and makes efforts to restrain them from the deeds that are against the teachings of Islam.

Department of Construction :

Of its duties is to construct new buildings for the institution according to the plans from time to time. Thanks to Allah, it is performing its duties well

Department of computer:

his department is established with a futuristic approach, keeping in view the need to be acquainted with new technologies. It provides the quality computer education to the students.


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